CULTURE (Activities for children, crafts, printables and recipes) (Guide to British Life, Culture and Customs) (Canada’s Official Tourism website) (Tourist information about Northern Ireland) (Tourist information on Great Britain) (Complete list of Anglo-saxon celebrations)

GRAMMAR (A guide to grammar and writing for advanced students) (Grammar and vocabulary quizzes. All levels. Topic-based English lesons) (Self-study grammar quizzes) (Interesting things for students of English) (All about learning English) (A free website from the British Council, with games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises)

LISTENING (Great website to practise all the skills; podcasts of different levels; links to teaching and kids’ learning) (Beginning English Listening Skills)    (Google translator. Not only for translation, but also to listen to words in English)


Self-learning and level A2:

Self-learning and level B1:

Self-learning and level B2: (Interactive reading and writing activities. Vocabulary and grammar usage. Tips to create your own multimedia project. Intermediate and above) (Simple steps to guide you through the essay writing process) (Help and advice on how to write) (Essay structure) (Listening exercises in different languages and structured in different levels. Youtube videos and radio news)

ENGLISH IN USE (Student forums, grammar lessons and exercises, quizzes, lists of idioms, phrasal verbs, etc) (Placement tests, vocabulary, grammar, exercises of all kinds and games) (Watch and listen to podcasts with exercises and scripts, vocabulary, grammar and professional English exercises) (Here you can find links to other English learning pages) (A webpage with resources about English grammar, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension activities) (Free lessons, vocabulary, idioms, proverbs and business English: exercises and word games. All levels) (Web Search Engine that gives you a random joke every time you search the web!) (Lyrics of all-times songs, browse the page by categories or search for a concrete one. Links to the songs’ videos so you can listen to them as you read the lyrics) (Grammar lessons, vocabulary, idioms and wordgames for learners of English) (Online activities and free resources for adult learners: worksheets, webquests and online dictionaries) (Wide range of resources for teenagers and adult learners: videos, audio podcasts, exam practice, games and websites)

NEWS & MEDIA (News, travel, weather, entertainment, sports, technology news from the US and the world) (UK news, worldwide news from the British Broadcasting Corporation) (UK news, worldwide news from the newspaper) (UK news, world news and opinions from this famous newspaper) (International news from across the world and information on the latest issues: weather, travel, technology, sports…)

RADIO (Quick links to the most useful websites on the internet. Clear and easy to use) (International news and information on business, environment, entertainment, sport, technology, etc) (International news to read, watch, and listen to. Sections on technology, health, environment, travel, entertainment and arts, and learning resources) (U.S.A. news channel) (A Radio station to learn and improve your English in an easy and entertaining way) (Video and audio extracts from BBC Radio 4)

TOURISM (Reviews and ratings on dining and entertainment of different cities) (Similar to Google Maps; it helps you get to different locations) (It offers information about cheap accommodation in London) (A to Z guide to accommodations and restaurants in the U.K.) (London theatre guide online) (Your guide to what’s happening in the most exciting cities on the planet)

LONDON (Go here to read news about London – London Evening Standard newspaper) (Plan your trip to London: where to stay, what to see and what to do there) (Independent company that provides accommodation in London and the UK)

NEW YORK CITY (The Official New York City Guide to NYC Attractions, Dining, Hotels, etc.)